18 September 2015

my 3 top favorite Ma Dong Seok Drama & Film (2014-2013)

credit to: google.co.id

today i wanna share about my 3 favorite film and drama which starred by Mr. Ma Dong Seok. maybe some of you don't know really well who he is because he is not typical handsome boy on drama and film just like mostly Korean Drama and film. but his role is quite scene stealer too and almost his role is about criminal, antagonist, someone who annoying, cruel but sometimes he also roled as a man who need love, pity and lonely. 

11 September 2015

things to need to be prepared to apply for a job

hola, assalamualaikum!

long time no see, pals! i lost my internet connection a few days ago, because of that, some post is already too stale to be posted. especially, my experience became a photographer for a cultural event to celebrate the independence day. but, i tried my best to figure it from another perspective, so i could still to share all my photos at that event for all of you, guys. just wait! hehe

while waiting curated my photos, today I want to share about what needs to be prepared when applying for a job. almost every job vacancy ask for that (in Indonesia). so for you who a job seeker just like me or you, a foreigner who want to work in Indonesia, i hope this article is a little help.

16 August 2015

Now Playing: Korean playlist


oh, i'm sorry for abandon my blog again :( this month i'm very busy, from TOEFL final test, take a driving courses, my grandma come and stay at our home for a month. I even had time to send only 3 job application in the company. whereas i'm targeting next month I have to started to work and make my own money. I have some ideas to be written, but can not be posted because there is no stock photos. because of that, today i just share about my 5 new favourite Korean song which i listen lately. some of that is from my favourite boyband (but, sorry, i did not followed them so much, i just enjoy the music but not their life or their other project) and some of them from M countdown chart. btw, i follow M countdown chart update, so i can update my mp3 monthly. without that i'm nothing :(.

and what's the most favourite from all of them? it's about GD's new hair. >.< the color is so bright and bold. just like GD personality. and MV i love the most is from Yu Seung Woo. i don't know why, but like the plot. it's so Korean. and almost MV here is all about summer vacation. it's a sign i need a short holiday for momentarily forgetting my routine that began boring.

no need for long, here we go!

04 August 2015

welcome home, little buddy!


today, i wanna to introduce my little owl buddy. my dad found him/her (i don't exactly know this bird's sex) when he went to the mosque to do early morning prayer (sholat subuh). he said, this little buddy perched on the fence, looked frightened. then my dad asked other jama'ah did someone have this owl, but no one answered. maybe they're afraid to catched the owl, because this little buddy showed cautious sign. my dad, who love animals so much, without doubt grabbed this little buddy and take it home before bad people hunt and kill it.

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