a person who love to take photos

Tuesday, September 16

i am suck bout how to express love. if i like someone, i would be quiet when i'm with them. that's because i respect so much, so i will listen what they say, pay attention what they do and of course i will write sweet poem to them. but, only a few person who understand. and usually, they'll let me go because they think i'm a boring girl.

a smartphone pocket i bought a couple days. cute, eh?

Friday, September 12


it've been a month i am not doing anything here. hahaha...sorry again! i know, i am a typical who difficult to be pleased, unconsistend and very overthingking. but, now, i decide to re-change my concept about write-something-in my blog. such confession, my goal when i make my blog long long time ago (i forget when i make my very first blog, because i very often change domain and platform) is being famous from what i wrote. i start with posting my short fiction story, my daily activities and finally posting all about fashion. i'm very passionate about fashion, but my passion tarnished by my obsession to become a popular fashion blogger "like" Diana Rikasari, Sonia Eryka, blablabla...because of that, i was not original. every i want to post something, i always want to-be-like someone who i adore AT THE TIME. and, okay, after a long time, it's disturb me so much. i lost my identity. I did something with not sincere, just for the sake of a compliment. and I think, it's also the reason why I have not been consistent.

so, start with this post, i wanna forget about what happened tommorow. i will post and do what i wanna do sincerely. maybe my post will not about fashion, but all about what happened in my life, all photos i took and quote that make me have a strong heart.  and, for sure, all photos taken by me (oh, come on! my other reason why i must stop posting about ootd is because i'm a single fighter! i have no photographer since i broke up with my ex -_-). last but not least, for my dearest readers, i'm so sorry if my choice make all of you disappointed. you are free to click the unfollow button. but for you who stay, i know you're such a kindheart. i just wanna say i love you and thank you so much for your loyality :) let's make something new together!

Saturday, August 2

#1 there's a new me with a bright smile

black and butterflies pattern casual style. for everyday, on lazy time. and the sandals, it's a perfect ones.

blouse: unbranded; pants: Elizabeth; sandals: Elizabeth

Monday, July 28

**if we're a note. we're a new note**

pastilah, aku adalah orang yang masuk dalam golongan orang-orang yang penuh dengan dosa. 22 tahun, dan baru mengerti apa arti dari pencarian. aku masih terus mencari, dan aku sangat mengucap syukur pada orang-orang yang pada akhirnya menjadi sebuah pelajaran di masa lalu. 

di hari yang Fitri ini, kuringankan langkah menuju tempat-tempat dimana sudah bertahun tak kujejaki. keegoan membuatku merasa superior dan enggan berkaca, lupa bahwa kami semua sama. kami (pernah) bersaudara. kukembangkan senyum meski tak bersambut. uluran tanganku menjabat angin. maafkan aku, kawan. belum dapat menjadi sahabat, kawan, saudara yang terbaik. mari kita mulai kembali, memperbaiki apa yang selama ini sempat retak.

taqaballahu minna waminkum. mohon maaf lahir dan batin

-Fitria Listie

Friday, June 27

ramadhan is coming again!

image from weheartit

Alhamdulillah, we meet Ramadhan again this years.
hopefully this year we become better Muslims, many blessings and maximum gain in ibadah. happy fasting for all my muslim friends worldwide! :D

Alhamdulillah, kita bertemu lagi dengan bulan Ramadhan tahun ini.
semoga tahun ini kita menjadi seorang muslim yang lebih baik lagi, memperoleh banyak berkah dan maksimal dalam ibadah. selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa bagi teman-teman muslimku sedunia! :D

Tuesday, June 24

new shoes

scarf/ jilbab: unbranded
sweater: vintage
skirt/ rok: tailored
bag/ tas: Elizabeth
shoes/ sepatu: City Sneaks buy at Payless

a bought this stunning shoes from my favourite shoes store: PAYLESS. if you have a super small foot size like me, you should be grateful if you have a payless in town. Payless not only have a small foot size shoes, but also have so many cool shoes with affordable price, i totally love it!


aku baru saja membeli sepatu mempesona ini dari toko sepatu favoritku, PAYLESS. jika kalian memiliki ukuran kaki super kecil sepertiku, kalian patut bersyukur jika kalian memiliki Payless di kota kalian. Payless bukan hanya memiliki ukuran sepatu super kecil saja, namun juga memiliki banyak koleksi sepatu keren dengan harga terjangkau, aku benar-benar menyukainya!