27 Feb 2015

mission complete!

hola, assalamualaikum!

i'm back with a good news. two days ago, i finished my final exam! yahooo!! i'm very happy finally i finished one of my 2015 resolution on time. not so on time actually, because i predicted i would did my final exam on January so i can attend to graduation ceremony on March. but, Allah not said that. i finished my final exam on 25 February 2015, after lilbit down because my final exam was postponed :( so i will attend to my graduation ceremony on June. now, i can be a little relieved, the dreaded phase has passed well.

i also very grateful repeatedly, during my final exam, i was accompanied by my classmates. they came to cheer me up without asking. even without me tell at all. plus, my crush came to gift me congratulation's shake hand :3 (don't make me tell you which one! lol). my happiness was completed that day :) thanks, buddies! i love you so muchoos!! 

today, finally i have so much time to do everything that i like, one of them is doing OOTD. just quick and very simple OOTD. i wore white t-shirt and khaki pants. it's my comfy style when i just doing nothing at home. another activities that finally i do is watching ballet performance of course. i downloaded about Paquita ballet performance and will watch it tonight. and, my last activity that have to do is...*drumrolls* exercise! you can see now i have a very chubby cheeks, a huge arm and tight so that my jeans up size from S to L. it's terrible!

unbranded white t-shirt
unbranded khaki pants

last but not least, about job. hhhfftt...everybody will ask about it after they always ask about "kapan lulus?". it's so mean. but, i do not think where will i have to work yet. i still want to spend time with writing blog and learn to draw. i also want to sing up for tutoring toefl and then begin to applying new jobs around Solo. ya, Solo. i don't wanna to work too apart with my parents. so please stop always small talk with other people's bussiness. you're not my parents.

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  1. Anonim15.3.15

    congrats for your graduation, btw ngebahas ootd ya? ngangkat apa? aku juga lg ngbahas ootd nih >.<


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