10 Mar 2015

draw my life: ballet

the beginning of my interest toward ballet was after i watch Korean movie titled ...Ing. i started looking for ballet as a whole through Youtube. the first ballet performance i watched was Giselle. then i fell in love with them. i have liked the dance arts since long. i always found time to watch their performances in my spare time. when i was child, my mom take me in traditional dance class in Cepu. but i don't continue it because at the time my family moved to Solo. i think that is where i started to love dance art.

but, watch Giselle was my first experience. i was never interested in watching ballet before, because here it's rarely held ballet performances. like other types of dances, ballet equally amazing! it has a level of complexity above average! i want to learn if it is still possible.my other dream is to watch them live, of course. i would choose The Paris Opera Ballet as my first tourist destination. after watching Giselle, i watched Paquita and now i will watch Carmen. here, i share Paquita. same as Giselle, Paquita was amazing. i adore their costume as always. why's Ballerina have all amazing costume for their performance?! i envy! T.T

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  1. Oh very cute draw sweetie



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