21 Mei 2015

beauty: Born with Sensitive Skin


This is a kind of confession of sin post for what i have done with my own skin. First, i like to tell that i have a very very sensitive skin. My skin easily flushed, especialy my face, when overheated. Since high school, my mom always tell me not to wear any makeup because she was already aware if her daughter has sensitive skin. But, i don’t hear her. I start using makeup because all girl friend on my high school wear them. So i also interest to try them one. First, i try use compact powder and eyeliner. And then facial foam. I never use just one. I like to try any of facial foam including man facial foam. Hehe, i know i was wrong. Because the habit of flipping makeup, my face started to breakouts.

My face also can’t wear join makeup. When i was kindergarten, i’m a traditional dancer. Almost every show i wear makeup and dressed up by makeup artist. Because i'm still a child, some friend and me join makeup. We use same makeup from same brush, same compact, same sponge. We also don’t know whether the tool has been washed or not, higienic or not, neither the ingredients safe for us or not. Each after the show, my face always itch and then some freckles appear. It took a long time to recover. After that time passes, my skin still react the same way every time i use join stuffs. The last experience i use join stuff is when my classmates in university and i went to rafting. I wear helmet provided by the rafting services. A day after wore it, my face got itch again and then some freckles appear. To recover it took one month.

I feel paranoid after that. So, i stop wearing any makeup. Just wear compact powder and lipstick when i go out. Skin care i used just facial foam or cleansing foam. But my skin still get worse day by day. My face stiil get dull  and often appear many blackheads and breakouts. I’m feeling depressed. Perhaps because my femininity instinct began to appear with age. I start care about my appearance. So, yesterday i went to aesthetics clinic to consult my face. And the result shock me. At first, i think i have a very oily type of face. But in reality, i have typical normal to dry skin. My face have poor moisturize. Blackhead and breakout all over my face. So i have to do chemical to recover it. it feel sore when the therapist start to take out all my blackheads. Sorry too much but I got to cry with the pain. It happened because i rarely doing facial. I go to aesthetic clinic just when my dad start to compain about my dirty face(blackheads and breakout everywhere) and then gave me some money to do treatment.

After treatment, i feel more refresh. My blackhead has gone, but still left a stain of acne scars. And still feel sore, of course. The doctor gave me some face cream to use, such as morning cream, night cream and anti-irritants cream. After back to my home, i look at the mirror, saw my “ruin” face. I feel so sorry because i don’t treat them well. From this moment, i promise, i will take care them carefully. Use makeup correctly, use skin care which suit my skin type and also diligently wash my brush after i wear them. Get better soon, dear my skin! I’m so sorry i don’t care about you before :(

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