18 Mei 2015

how to wear: white shirt and long vest


Today, we gonna talk about how to wear plain white shirt with long vest. Two items that currently i adore, where plain white shirt not seem ordinary with combine of the geeky and boyish look from long vest. Long vest bring so many benefit, especially for hijabist like me. Why? Because they capable to cover all my body (my boobs and my back). because when we wear plain white shirt, that two part of my body would see through. Long vest also be an alternative to wear with plain white shirt and substitute t-shirt or tank top that usually i wear to cover the see through effect and often make me swelter when weather is sooo hot. You know, i’m livin in the tropical countries, so i need some clothes that comfortable to wear. Plain white t-shirt is an answer. Because all of you know white is a color that absorb sweat faster than any other color. but, white color also often manifest in our bra if the fabric not thick enough.

Other benefit come from long vest is, it’s long enough to cover big butt. Hahaha, even i’m a petite girl, i have a problem on that. I have a big butt, but i dont like wear long skirt. I prefer wear jeans or pants on my daily outfit. It’s more comfortable because i always ride motorcycle to mobile. More comfortable and secure more pricely. Long vest can handle that problem. My big ass will not show, so not any other man/boy will stare at me. Hehe
So, how to wear that two items so look not so boring? This is my summary about how to wear them from some fashion blogger or style inspiration from fashion week on pinterest.
  1. Wear jeans, ripped jeans or high waisted jeans to look semi-formal. You know, sometimes wearing plain white shirt will look so formal when we dont know how to mix and match them. I ever fall on this situation.i only have one white shirt, but never ever wearing them, except back to when i do my final thesis test on February. i’m too afraid to look formal girl on the road and look like timid person. But, when i try to wear them with jeans, voila! It’s look cool! Roll your jeans if you are petite girl like me, so you will visibility higher. 
  2. Wear clutch, sling bag or carry bag with neutral color. if you wear long vest and white shirt for semi formal occasion, wearing your sling bag or clutch collection as accesories. You will stand out, but not too much. Because your style point in on your long vest, so wear minimalist accesories as possible.
  3. If you petite girl like me, wear your high heels, point toe shoes or platform sneakers to boost up your confident. You instanly look higher and cool! But, if you have an average height, you can wear your new balance, adidas or nike sneaker. 
  4. Wear minimalist/ nude makeup. It will be completely your boyish style. You know, boy like a girl who wear minimalist make up. And they are love to like sporty girl. You not only look cool around, but also become a center of attention for them. For me who can’t wear thick makeup because my sensitive skin, nude makeup is my saviour to keep clean without wearing any makeup product and also make my face fresh from oily.

There are so many online shop that sell long vest and white shirt as Romwe, nordstorm, sheinside, yesstyle, ASOS, pinkqueen or chicwish. It depend on the way you will style your look. More than that, they sell them with affordable price. So, poor girl like me  still be stylish without rip out my pocket. Lol 

Happy styling and see you again, good peps!

*ps: all photos from pinterest.com edit by me

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