25 Mei 2015

relationship goals: vol.1


I know, i’m single. I’m not enough experience about how good relationship are. But, look back from my latest relationship that not end well, i inspirated to make this post. As a three years single fighter a.k.a JOMBLO, sometimes i imagine how a good relationship that will make me a better person soon. Watch romantic drama that have so many romantic scene, i often touched and mumbling, “i want my relationship like this! Like this!” so then, when looking lovely couple, lovely husband and wife relationship, grandparent who still intimate even they was so old, i feel envy. Lol.

Perhaps, it’s an age problem. In my country, especially in my town,  in mid-20’s age, they have to be married. Even, still not married yet, they officially have a boy/girlfriend. But i don’t think like that. After my latest relationship, i think so much that having a good relationship so then get married is not that easy. We have to deal with sooo many rules. Know well about who my partner are, who they family are, from what kind of family are, and so on. 

Why is that be so important? Because we are the next person who would life with my partner for a long time. We are the person who will deal with all their habit, good and bad. so, if since starting a relationship with him/her, we have to know who they are. It’s better if they are our bff before. But, if they are a new person in our life, don’t in a hurry to make a date. Be a good friend first, for them. I think, if they feel comfortable around us, naturally they will be more open about anything on us. But if they continue to lie or hide something about their identity, please do not hesitate to retreat. He/she is not a person who will make you happy.

That’s what happens in my latest love relationship ago. After three years dating, i’m still don’t know him well. He was not open about who he is to me. In fact, when he had an affair behind me was i don’t know. I admited it, i’m not aware. He’s a stranger for me at first, nor friend, nor from relatives. I accept his “love” (i still not sure he love me from begin. Love or need a status because he’s wanderer at that time) hopely, we will start to open each other after we’re dating. But, at the end, he become a stranger again after we broke up. I still don’t know who i’m dating this and i regret everything.

But, if i always like that, maybe i will be a spinster. Lol. Three year of though and introspection, i’ve been fine. Be wiser than before about love relationship. One of a key for good relationship is good communications. Communicate anything without exception, so that no suspicion. Even sometimes it feels bitter. If you are ready to spend the rest of your life with him, inevitably you have to accept whatever is on him, aren’t you? That’s a true love.

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