28 Jun 2015

what i wore: graduation ceremony


today, i wanna share another latepost about my graduation ceremony on 13 June ago. this time, i let myself to share about what i wore when i attended graduation ceremony. I think it would be useless if I don't share them with you. because I struggled alot to make these clothes to fit my style, whereas my friends just rented this kind of clothes in the salon.

22 Jun 2015

photos diary: graduation

assalamualaikum, everyone!

today already the 5th day of Ramadhan. how are your fasting? going smoothly, right? today, i just wanna share a kind of latepost about my graduation a week ago. that day is one of my important day in my life. why? because, once more, i have passed the stage of my life for the better future. I'VE GRADUATED! about four year, eight month, im struggling with college stuff, into hectic life till 24 hours was not enough to do all the tasks given faculty, and quickly find a way how to finish my minor thesis! I also always write down "GRADUATION THIS YEARS" on my first wishlist. i'm still not believe finally i completed my education. i know, i still have to taking post graduation, but lemme fell the euphoria for a second here.

18 Jun 2015

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan: let this month heal you


just a quick post. i want to say, happy Ramadhan fasting for all my moslem friends around the world! let this month heal you. make this month as a moment to be the better you in the future. what"s your Ramadhan goal this years, btw? me, i want to sleep less, pray more! i have a lot of things to complained to Alloh this years. i want to given a lot of patience, sense of calm, and a dream job! just like last years, i want to many cried for what i've done this year. and may we all get forgiveness. ameenn!

12 Jun 2015

weekly cooking challenge #1: fried sandwich


my cooking ability is zero. ZERO. i hate complicated cooking, but enjoy eating them at the same time. sometimes, i feel embarassed when my friend and i are cooking together because i got the part cutting the ingredients, the rest just watching them cook. lol. probably one of the reasons why I could not cook because my mom always drive out me of the kitchen while she was cooking. I was a trouble maker in the kitchen, she said. I get permission to help my mom to cook recently. maybe finally she realized, she has given birth to a loser in the kitchen hahaha

7 Jun 2015

the sunday currently: vol.1

i don't read any book. im too lazy to read a book now. i know it's bad habit. i have to start this old habit, but it ruined by internet. i read many thing via internet, so i think i don't need read book yet.

my favorite writing recently is write my new signature. i feel i have grown up after i have a beautiful signature taught my mom. i also write about what i need this month such as, a new jeans (ah, seriously, i gain weight, all my jeans already narrow), a new sling bag for going out, and a new makeup (eyebrow kit, curler lashes, and mascara).

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