1 Jun 2015

Life Lately: vol. 1

If you’re wondering what life lately has been all about…

sleeping with lilsist before her field practice in Wonogiri a month
grocery shopping with Mom
restrain angry, learn to forgive. if you life in Indonesia, you must have stock of patience very much
go to aesthetic clinic
keeping my skin's health is more difficult than keeping myself
go to sister date to Calais
drink my favorite chocolate milk bubble from Calais
Korean nude makeup
gaining weight 2kilo's again lol
white shirt
finally can switch my ugly signature with the better ones thanks to my mom
deal with myself that it's okey my GPA is not better than my friend's GPA
missing my high school because of @sakayuv instagram
not eating chicken this month! yey!
obsessing with all Ma Dong Seok's film
crying because watching Murderer (Korean Film)
appreciating suspense-thriller's Korean film
fasting on Mondays and thursdays
 accompany my mom go around before i'm busy with job hunting
active on blog again
satisfied with VSCO cam premium's filter (i know i'm sooo late)
not enough sleep because busy planing my dream

2 komentar:

  1. you've got lovely things to do :) i miss grocery shopping with my mom, because she is in Balikpapan while I am still spending my crazy hectic days in Manado :')

    nice post dear :)

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