22 Jun 2015

photos diary: graduation

assalamualaikum, everyone!

today already the 5th day of Ramadhan. how are your fasting? going smoothly, right? today, i just wanna share a kind of latepost about my graduation a week ago. that day is one of my important day in my life. why? because, once more, i have passed the stage of my life for the better future. I'VE GRADUATED! about four year, eight month, im struggling with college stuff, into hectic life till 24 hours was not enough to do all the tasks given faculty, and quickly find a way how to finish my minor thesis! I also always write down "GRADUATION THIS YEARS" on my first wishlist. i'm still not believe finally i completed my education. i know, i still have to taking post graduation, but lemme fell the euphoria for a second here.

in this post, i want to say thank you for my Alloh how always guide me to the right path, let me cry for stronger and also always answer my prayers. also my parent and my lilsis, who always love me, support what i do, gift me strength, work hard for my education cost and so on and so forth. and also all my bestfriend, Prima and Ervin (we attended graduation ceremony together btw! dream comes true!), Emir and my college mates who always cheer me up and gift me soo many experience during campus life.

if you wonder what is my thesis talk about, here i will tell you the detail. i take about fashion and social media issue located on @ootdindo instagram. two things that i love the most, fashion and social media. before this idea, i had thought hard about that so long. if my thesis would going well? if it no problem just take samples from randomly online via @ootdindo? if the founder of OOTDINDO will help me enough to give some detail about their bussiness? and so on and so forth. you know, it's been my minus to overthingking what i have not actually done. but, once more, thanks to Alloh, He gave me an easy way to go through this all through my mentors, people who become my thesis samples and all my professors who test me on final test. everything going so smoothly and the result was not bad. i received A- on my final test. not bad for a lazy ones like me, right? lol

and that day was the happiest day for me so far. me, who an introvert, not so much talking with my friends and not having so much friends, received sooo many flowers from them. i wanted to cry at the moment. I put the flowers in a vase. and leave it to wither and dry them for storage. (i don't like flowers in facts. but, an exceptions for that time). another happiest moment i received are my bff from junior high school, Emir, came to congratulated me. what makes it special is he came with a bouquet of flowers! he rarely doing that, especially for me. finally he realized i was a women :p thanks for the sweet treatment, anyway.

with Emir. he finally give a smile on the camera. lol

with my parent and lilsis

with half of my classmates

with another graduates

finally able to take a family photos. thanks for graduation moment!

so, what to do the next? i have already found the answer. i want to seek a job here, in Solo. I'm not going anywhere for the sake of my parents. wish i find a god job here so soon. wish me luck, everybody!

ps: i don't believe i write a long post in English here. hahaha you know, my English is suck. anyway, pardon my bad English, pals and just enjoy the post!

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  1. Congratulations dear! And good luck on your job hunting!! :)


  2. congratulations !



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