7 Jun 2015

the sunday currently: vol.1

i don't read any book. im too lazy to read a book now. i know it's bad habit. i have to start this old habit, but it ruined by internet. i read many thing via internet, so i think i don't need read book yet.

my favorite writing recently is write my new signature. i feel i have grown up after i have a beautiful signature taught my mom. i also write about what i need this month such as, a new jeans (ah, seriously, i gain weight, all my jeans already narrow), a new sling bag for going out, and a new makeup (eyebrow kit, curler lashes, and mascara).

i was obsessed by Ma Dong Seok after watching some of his film. he often play the role of antagonist there. and i love the antagonist than the protagonist. hehe...so i search all about Ma Dong Seok and follow him on Twitter and i found fact that he has released a single! after listening his single, i can't stop smile. because, i found another facts that this ahjussi is so funny! listening Ma Dong Seok-Begin Delicious Time and you would know what i mean.

if I had to work in the city or out of town, will i survive if i work out of town, could i saving if i work out of town, how about my parent (esp. my mom) and so on and so forth

red onion in my hand. i hate cooking, but sometimes i help my mom cooking for breakfast or dinner by doing a little things such peeling onions, peeling carrots or cooking rice.

the hunting of my job did not last long after this.

this Ramadhan, my worship is getting better.

ready-to-wear hijab and t-shirt, sling bag and old jeans

my sister first experience work in REAL Hospital

a lot of money to buy mirrorless camera. but, now i'm still unemployement :(

a new jeans!

i'm feeling confuse for what should i do after my graduation ceremony. and it comes from where i should apply job.


am i talking too much about confusing apply a job? maybe it's my age of crisis. should i wander, out of town or just apply job here and keeping live with my entire family. cost living nowaday is so high. i can't imagine how i survive with my low salary? (i heard that fresh graduated usually get a low paid because not much experience yet) especially if i was working in the capital. i need a time to think about it before my grads ceremony this saturday. hope after this, i find the answer/solution. i can not wait any longer to live without income.

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  1. I need new jeans too and congrats to your sister for the job! Have a great week gorgeous!


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