12 Jun 2015

weekly cooking challenge #1: fried sandwich


my cooking ability is zero. ZERO. i hate complicated cooking, but enjoy eating them at the same time. sometimes, i feel embarassed when my friend and i are cooking together because i got the part cutting the ingredients, the rest just watching them cook. lol. probably one of the reasons why I could not cook because my mom always drive out me of the kitchen while she was cooking. I was a trouble maker in the kitchen, she said. I get permission to help my mom to cook recently. maybe finally she realized, she has given birth to a loser in the kitchen hahaha

a few days ago, i tried make my own breakfast. just simple breakfast because i don't need to grocery shopping, just put some ingredients in the refrigerator. and eat your own cooked are awesome, i think. i appreciated every bite because i know how long to make them, the time you wasted your time to make them and of course money you spend to buy them (ingredients price in Indonesia sometimes can be very expensive, can be more expensive than buying a ready-made). and, for amateur like me, try to make a simple ones. if you successed on your first time simple cooking, you will interest to up your cooking skill level! at least that's what i feel.

it's my very first food served. fried sandwich.

3 bread
1 egg
1tps margarine
1 carrot
a few strands of cabbage

how to cook:
  1. cut carrot and cabbage become a small pieces
  2. put them on a bowl,including mayonaise, stir them till like a salad
  3. fried sausage with butter until half cooked and then drain
  4. took a bread, pour a few tablespoons of salad, then put sausage on it. roll it.
  5. break the eggs in a bow, stir them
  6. coat a bread roll with egg
  7. coat with bread crumbs after all (opt)
  8. fried them with butter till golden brown
and the fried sandwich ready to serve! eat one of them is quite filling. if ones is enough, you can keep the rest ingredient in the refrigerator to the next dish. good luck!

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  1. Wow that looks so good!


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