28 Jun 2015

what i wore: graduation ceremony


today, i wanna share another latepost about my graduation ceremony on 13 June ago. this time, i let myself to share about what i wore when i attended graduation ceremony. I think it would be useless if I don't share them with you. because I struggled alot to make these clothes to fit my style, whereas my friends just rented this kind of clothes in the salon.

the dresscode to attend graduation ceremony in my University is wearing Kebaya for women. i have prepared my Kebaya a long day before my final exams. lol. i don't think that my body is gaining weight alot because of stress, my Kebaya don't fit into and i have to diet after my final exams so i can wear them on my graduation. :" alhamdulillah, it's fit on my body again.

tailored a Kebaya a long day before my final exam is my kind to support myself to finish my thesis. fyi, thesis in my university is so random. if you don't have enough motivation, you will end up be a "mahasiswa abadi"/eternal student or the worst is you will be drop out. i though, if i've got my Kebaya, i will more dilligent to finish my thesis, so i can immediately wear it. and it was quite effective! whenever i feel lazy, i put my Kebaya in place i can see, then i will return to diligently work on my thesis.

why i said i struggled alot on my Kebaya? because so much effort to make them. i bought all the fabrics myself, from the pink brocade, a gold satin, the jarik (as a skirt). and luckly, i found all of them in one place, in BTS (Beteng Trade Center). if you need material for your clothes, i suggest to going to BTS. you will find alot of fabric type with affordable price. if you are smart for bargain, you will get cheaper price than if you don't. but, don't so much consideration if you go to there! or you will end up confuse all day long till the trade centre closed. lol :p i spent about IDR 200k to bought all the materials.

after all, I immediately hand over all materials to the tailor. i gave her Kebaya idea's like what i want. my Kebaya's design is inspirated by Vera Kebaya. a Kebaya designer from Jakarta. all the design is simple but elegant. very represents beauty of Javanesse ladies. but, my Kebaya made with a modern touch. i, who love detail, want my Kebaya to have lil detail on the back. so i want a gold satin to used as a drapery on the back. for the skirt, i just let it remain traditional. i slightly modificated it into a skirt, so i still can breathing. if i let my Jarik just be a traditional jarik, i will not can run fast, my stomach also will hurt because i have to wear a tight camisole so that does not sag. ppfftt, be a javanesse lady is excruciating! maybe that's why there is a quoted, "beauty is pain".

and...i love the result! the Kebaya have sooo lovely color combination. not so traditional, but also not too much to categorize as a modern Kebaya. the back detail is a point to make them stunning. i enjoy wear them as my graduation's outfit. but, unfortunately, i have to wear gown during ceremony. after finish, i can have a change to undressed my gown because i'm in a rush to go to photo studio, so i just can show them here, on my blog. hope you enjoy it! :)

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  1. You look gorgeous! Congratulations on graduating :D


  2. happy graduation! Keep fighting! love that top :p


  3. You look pretty! :)
    I'm amazed with your fashion. I used to work with Malays and they are also fashionable. :)

    1. thank youu...but i'm actually an Indonesian :)

  4. Very lovely! I love it!

  5. wwooaahh graduation, i'l bee graduation soon aakkk so envy,
    you look gorgeous, nice to meet you,


    1. nice to meet you too, dear! :) thanks for dropping by


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