3 Jul 2015

fresh graduated guide: what should to do the next?


as a fresh graduated, we often feel confuse about what to do the next. we will start be unemployed, no income but have a lot necessary. it will make headache for sure. but, to get a good salary, we still have no experience. so, what we need to do the next? i will share about my own plan towards my first job. i hope that will help you to catch your own job too. or you have another ideas how to get your first job? feel free to share yours here :)

1. take a course that favorable to apply a job. 
it's a must. me, myself, take an English course to improve my English skill. i take a toefl class to help me get a high score on my TOEFL test. take a course also give you benefit, you will meet new friends. it means you will get various experience from them. maybe they are a fresh graduated too but already have experience on job interview, maybe they are a post-graduated who inspire you too get your master too, or maybe they are a professional? you can get a lot information in your courses place. another benefit is you will not waste you time vainly! 2 hours productive in a day is better than nothing to do all the time, right?

2.good salary or precious experience?
one of my promise when I graduated was I do not want to be greedy. as a fresh graduated who still not enough experience in the working world, sometimes we will feel uneasy, especially if you know our friends salary is higher than ours. but, if we ever thought they felt enjoy with their work? please, stop to compare yours with theirs. start to find your own passion and drag them into your dream work place. maybe, we would be proud if we can work in a bank or a state-owned company or become civil servants. but, all of this is not my priority. i have so many example, where s/he is working in a large company even unhappy. why? because their company not give them a chance to develop their passion. for example my dad, he has a big salary, work in the large telecommunication company. but he not feel happy. because work at there is not his passion. i don't know why my dad choose that company to make a money, but, his experience makes me don't wanna follow his footsteps.
i prefer have a lot experience in my work place later. so, first, i will apply jobs in my dream company. it's okey if it just a tiny company, but i enjoy working with them.I also do not rule out the possibility to move, looking for new experiences if deemed my company work later not give a good career for me. it's okey not have a big salary, at least i'm still fresh graduated. what i find now is a precious experience, while there's still young. if you enjoy your works, i thing good salary will come by itself. many friends who have prove it. and i want to prove it too. :)

3. out of town or not?
yeah, as those who have worked in a big city, I also dream to be able to work outside the city. out of my comfort zone. but not now. why? because i also promise myself, after i graduated, i will no longer ask my dad to pay my cost living. although now I still given pocket money every month by my dad, but as much as possible it's enough without ask for extra money. especially now that my father had retired. i don't want to ask my dad to support my cost living if i work out of town. cost living here, in Indonesia is sooo high! especially if you live in a capital. so, to anticipate the high cost of living in the capital, i have to work harder in my hometown first. one or two years work here to fatten my saving, so if in the end I decided to look for another job in the capital, I can support myself without inconveniencing my parents again. I heard many stories from many people about their children who are still asking for the additional costs of living in the capital because their salaries are not sufficient them to live a month. i dont want to be kind of person. i'm 23 years old now. I should have been able to be independent, although it should be of zero.

4. so, what's your passion?
still have no passion? i suggest you to start find your passion! passion will make you feel alive in your boring time. and wonder if it be your work, it will be so much fun! my passion is fashion. my dream is simple, i just wanna to work in a place where it be my favorite brand made. work close with my favorite brand is such a cool idea for me. and i think i will get so many experience from how they build their first product, how they manage their product and how they advertise their product are my curiosity i wanted to know. another dream work place, i want to apply job as social media manager. i'm so much in love with social media and manage social media for company, product or event is my second dream job. just imagine it already make my heart pounding! and the last option i want to take for applying job is to work in advertising agency. help product, event or company to built their trust on public, also cooperate with a lot a cool brand is my last dream job. i even can application what i've got in my major about advertising.may my dream come true, amin!

it's my self-planning about what should i do the next. slow but sure, i happen one of the time. but, it's just a planning, but Alloh is the Giver of good luck. if my planning doesn't work well, i know, Alloh has a better plan for me. So, what I do is keep trying, praying and giving thanks. my lecturer also inspired me with her quote on her twitter, "you must be optimistic, confident and keep fighting! it is how to deal with this mortal world". good luck for me, also good luck for you, a job hunter! :D

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  1. I just have one tip... you don't have to target big companies! Most of the fresh grads I know are trying to get into super big companies because they say that it's good for their resume. True. But the thing is, you may not get the exposure that you need to enhance your skills. When I graduated, I opted for a small private company. Population: around 40. Why? Because I know I'm going to be more hands on. I'm going to get the exposure I need to be good at what I do.

    My second job is also in a small private company. Population: around 30. And girl, I'm telling you, I did get exposed a lot to my chosen field. It can be stressful given the smaller amount of manpower / resources but it will really train your time and resource management skills which are both very important (at least in my case).

    I have nothing against bigger companies (I'm about to join one), I think they can really help you improve your skills but you don't have to pressure yourself to getting in one. You shouldn't be ashamed to work in a company that not everyone is familiar with. :)

    And yeah, experience over salary... at least for now! :)

    - Tricia @ withtricia.me

    1. thanks for your suggestion! although it jus one tip, but very helpful for me! same with you, i think work in small company is more effective than in big company, at least for now. because i still want to learn many things. and i'm sure, if i enjoy what i do, good salary will come by itself later :)

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  3. I think I'll be having the same sentiments before after I graduate. It's like entering into the real world and every choice is crucial so we should make the most out of it. :) Good luck :) This post is really helpful.


    1. it definitely true! and you will become confuse for every option. just be wise and don't compare to other :)

  4. i will be graduating in 2 years. I am still trying to figure out what to do after I graduated. Maybe I will do the same as you. Take english classes to improve my english skills, and also maybe I will learn another language to make it easier to get jobs outside the country. Thank you for this post :)

    Dice,'96 Wild Heart

    1. ya,another language also have benefit for us. i want to take Japan or Korean language courses too if i have a chance

  5. nice post! good luck for your next step :)


  6. Thank you for the tips ♥ I'm currently looking for a job and hopefully I can find one that suits me well :)

    Live Blog Love by Hazel Asoy

    1. so do i. good luck, Hazel!


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