27 Jul 2015

life lately: Ramadhan and Eid Holiday


life lately has been all about...

- Ramadhan fasting for one month, but i'm off about eighth days because my periode in the last of Ramadhan
- bought Moisture Boost tint balm from Silkygirl:shade 06, wine. and satisfied with the result.
- cooking nastar (a kind of cookies that almost all people cooked during Ramadhan and then srved them on Eid time)
- trip to Tanjung Mas anchorage
- shopping alot for Eid
 - watched Woo Bin oppa adv. on Calvin Klein watch. so handsome!
- #happywoobdays on July16
- heartbroken because now, uri oppa have a girlfriend. and even more heartbroken when she is Shin Min Ah (she's so beautiful!)
- collecting my dry flower from my graduation gift. they turn more beautiful!
- struggle with Toefl test to up the score
- searched job vacancy on Solo Area
- iftaar (break fasting) with my lilsist's friends, and you know my face just stop growing old :p
celebrate Eid with my whole family

my Ramadhan's time this years is so busy but i like it. i have so much productive day from back and forth to my English course, trip on another cities and discover something new, crying in every prays, help my mom cooking Nastar and so on and so forth. because of that, now, after Ramadhan's gone, my body's drop! i'm attacked flu. my nose's block till i found it difficult to breath, always cough, because my throat feel so scratchy. i know i'm over excited and did not maintain lifestyle correctly. whereas, This week I still have a lot of activity from do my final Toefl test, attend my college mate wedding (OMG, seriously! this years, two of my classmates in college get married and i'm still single lol!) and i'm ready for job hunting in early August! wish me luck, guys! and give me "get well soon" letter because I've not happy with the itch. :(

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