15 Jul 2015

sunday at the anchorage


three days ago, more precisely on Sunday, my sister and i went to Tanjung Mas Anchorage in Semarang with my aunty and her Daughter. we picked up our uncle and their two children who go sailing for a month to Palembang. when, my aunty called me the day before we going to Semarang to accompanied her to anchorage, i definitely said yes because it's my first time go to Anchorage. oh, no, no, no! it's actually the third, but i forgot the experience. lol and because i'm in my periode, so i can't do fasting, i didn't waste this opportunity. 

we went to Semarang around 10.00am. fortunately, the way to Semarang not so jammed, so we can enjoyed the ride without getting tired at all. the way to Semarang is so unique! we passed the expressway with a view of rock on the right and the left side. poorly i can't take a picture of that because i know it will be so blurry. i just used my phone camera on this short vacation. :( another uniqueness is urban planning along the expressway. we can saw guttering under the rocks to prevent flooding. something i never know, because in my city, there is no such a thing. Semarang also the seventh most populous city in Indonesia. you can see housing eeeeverywhere. at the top of the hill, down the hill, under the expressway, on the expressway. soo messy! memorize way to town is also very difficult because they have a lot of access to go to one place .thanks to GPS that saved us from the lostness! drainage in Semarang also seems less good. almost all rivers and ditches filled with water. it isn't wonder when Semarang frequent flooding. i hope the goverment attention to this issue because this is very unfortunate. Semarang have so many historical sites. very easily to you can find old buildings on the roadside. unfortunately, I do not have much time to stop and take pictures. I promise, if I go to Semarang again, I will be photographing every corner of the city of Semarang, which is very unique.

after a long way to go the central city (and finally give up because we were ended up whirligig around the anchorage, can't found the way to the central city! hahaha), we back to anchorage. the uncle's ship has not leaning. i heard from the port officer that they will arrived late. so, you can see on this post, we did some improptu photoshoot in the Anchorage.

beamed went to Semarang!

so many big ship here! all of them is photogenic, but this is the closest i can shot. my uncle's ship is the biggest from all of them in that day.

the improptu OOTD

sorry, i covered my face because it turned into red because due to the sun

some people fishing there, although despite the existing ban on fishing in the harbor area.

that short trip turned into a long long trip because my uncle's ship arrived so late in the evening. we're so tired due to boredom. eventhough the scenery in the Anchorage in the evening is so beautiful, but i'm too tired to take the photo. i ended up just watched them and repeatedly said, "jinjja! daebak!". my uncle also invited us into the ship. because, he's the captain of that ship, almost all of the crew saluted us. and some of them in the same age with me. so my uncle, introduced them to me. hohoho, they are so manly!

the way back home is beyond expectation. a messy housing we saw in the daylight, turn into a star hill at the night. Semarang is not entirely bad at all :)

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  1. You looked like you had a really great time!

  2. great post, Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Sounds like an exciting adventure for you guys. Love the place and your outfit by the way! :)

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine

  4. Such a beautiful blog! I've never been to Indonesia before, but it looks so beautiful. Did you go fishing there?;)

    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. nope. i'm just picked up my uncle and his children from go sailing to another island :)

  5. great post, I am in love with your blog. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



    1. of course! following you now :)

  6. you had great moments, i thougt that's Batam, i miss indonesia so much since i have to finished my school at singapore :(,
    nice post bytheway :)


  7. Whaa kamu juga posting dalam bahasa inggris juga toooh

    1. iya, sometimes. kalau udelnya lagi bodong aja :p


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