16 Agt 2015

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oh, i'm sorry for abandon my blog again :( this month i'm very busy, from TOEFL final test, take a driving courses, my grandma come and stay at our home for a month. I even had time to send only 3 job application in the company. whereas i'm targeting next month I have to started to work and make my own money. I have some ideas to be written, but can not be posted because there is no stock photos. because of that, today i just share about my 5 new favourite Korean song which i listen lately. some of that is from my favourite boyband (but, sorry, i did not followed them so much, i just enjoy the music but not their life or their other project) and some of them from M countdown chart. btw, i follow M countdown chart update, so i can update my mp3 monthly. without that i'm nothing :(.

and what's the most favourite from all of them? it's about GD's new hair. >.< the color is so bright and bold. just like GD personality. and MV i love the most is from Yu Seung Woo. i don't know why, but like the plot. it's so Korean. and almost MV here is all about summer vacation. it's a sign i need a short holiday for momentarily forgetting my routine that began boring.

no need for long, here we go!

1. YeY - Beast
2. Remember - Apink
3. Sober - Bigbang
4. you're beautiful - Yu Seung Woo
5. Me Gustas Tu - Gfriend

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  1. I love the music. Kiss kiss from France ♥, Sand.

  2. Not a huge kpop fan, but these are very catchy!!! :)

    ♥ www.jhanzey.net

  3. my recent fav songs are bae bae and if you from bigbang ^^


  4. If you're still looking for stock photos, I recommend unsplash :)

  5. I am not a kpop fan, but I love their songs.
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    I will follow you back after it.


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