4 Agt 2015

welcome home, little buddy!


today, i wanna to introduce my little owl buddy. my dad found him/her (i don't exactly know this bird's sex) when he went to the mosque to do early morning prayer (sholat subuh). he said, this little buddy perched on the fence, looked frightened. then my dad asked other jama'ah did someone have this owl, but no one answered. maybe they're afraid to catched the owl, because this little buddy showed cautious sign. my dad, who love animals so much, without doubt grabbed this little buddy and take it home before bad people hunt and kill it.

first time when it arrived at our home, the condition is very sorry. it legs entangled by leather straps, it looked embarrased, when we stroked its head, it being spoiled. it also seemed very hungry. when we give it a fish, it eats with gusto. it's acting make us fallin in love with this little buddy. after talk together, so we decided to take care of it. this little buddy we put it next to the house. we just tied the leather strap on one leg and using a rope as long as we have and tied on a pole, so that it could keep flying to and fro.

 eleven days passed, but no one seek its whereabouts. this little buddy still in our house. it look happy stay here. we feed it the fish or crickets. it also come to in front of our door when we don't go getting up at dawn. i love it, just like I love my two rabbits, Chiki and Chitos. we are family now. we called it Burhanudin Zulkarnaen. :p

7 komentar:

  1. That's so nice of you to take care of it. I do hope he's well enough to go back in the woods.

  2. OMG an owl!! You're so lucky that you get to see him up close.

    1. yeah, it's my second time an owl dropped by in my home :) they're not as scary as we think

  3. Ahh owls are soooo cute! :) I agree with Michelle, it was really nice of you to take care of it! :)

    Jhanz | www.jhanzey.net

  4. the owl is so cute but a little bit scary at the same time >3<

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  5. S/he looks so cute! I'm glad it's getting taken care of by you guys :D

  6. Awww. S/he looks so cute! I hope I can encounter an owl like that someday! :)


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