18 Sep 2015

my 3 top favorite Ma Dong Seok Drama & Film (2014-2013)

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today i wanna share about my 3 favorite film and drama which starred by Mr. Ma Dong Seok. maybe some of you don't know really well who he is because he is not typical handsome boy on drama and film just like mostly Korean Drama and film. but his role is quite scene stealer too and almost his role is about criminal, antagonist, someone who annoying, cruel but sometimes he also roled as a man who need love, pity and lonely. 

before he started his debut on entertained industry, he was a personal traineer for Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman for mix martial art. hmm, cool, right? no wonder he has a very muscular body. he's 44 y.o now and i read his biography that he graduated from Columbia State University for Health and Physical Education. so nice and surely he has a better accent for English (some of Korean has a terrible English accent :" ). since 2005, he has starred in several films. almost all genre is about criminal, thriller and suspense and almost the bad guy one is him. hehe, but film is not complete without a bad-annoying role, right? and i still loving him, by the way.

almost all his film i've seen and it's just awesome! there are my three top favorite from all of them. let's check it!

1. One on One (2014)

what's the story?
the story is about a revenge from her dad for his beloved daughter. his innocence daughter was brutally murdered by a group of stranger when she was came after school. in anguish, her father gather people with depression diverse stories to help his revenge on a group of people who murdered his daughter one by one.

how's the film?
quite nice from story perspective. it's a fresh Korean genre with an extreme cruel violence. if you can't see blood, i really don't recomended this film because you will cry watching blood everywhere. but, it's reasonable to showing a sadness from dad who lost his lovely daughter without knowing the reason why the people murdered her. i hear, this film also shown in several film festival. Kim Ki Duk, the director, is well-known in that genre. i also watch his work (and of course Ma Dong Seok is one of the actor on that) like Rough Play. but, what's the minus? the cinematographer is not tidy. some scene is soo messy. even, the camera appears on the screen. i don't know what's the editor doing when editing part. it so fatal!

2. Murderer (2014)

what's the story?
the story is about a psycho dad who killed his wife because of infidelity. after that, he decide to runaway and live unnotice in a small village with his young son. but, unfortunately, his son is making a friend with a transfer student who also one of the potential victim who managed to escape before he was killed. she recognize who is her new friend dad is, so do the dad. because of that, he decide to kill his girl for the sake of himself and her son.

how's the film?

AWESOME! it's my most favorite from the three. all of the cast played the roles well. Mr. Ma is so scary here. his stare when he's blank is a nightmare! other side, i was crying at the end (what the... crying on thriller film lol) because the film has a very touching ending. you should watch this and you will feel what i feel. i feel what the son feel, by the way hehe 

3. Marriage Blue (2013)

what's the story:
the story is about 4 couples which getting married. one of them is Mr. Ma with his foreigner wife to be. not as imagined, their story before wedding is so complicated! even, they decide to break up and not be married because of each issue they face. from Mr. Ma part, he will marry with a foreigner who extremely beautiful. because he stress from marriage's thing, he suddenly became impotency! and then Mr. Ma speculate that his GF marry him to attain Korean citizenship.

how's the film?
it's something new from Mr. Ma who always play role as a bad person. in this film you will see another lovely side from Ma Dong Seok. it's not bad. and it still suit well to Ma Dong Seok, although my favorite part is Taecyeon-Lee Yeon Hee. quite refreshing to watch!

there are still so many Ma Dong Seok film that not mention on this post. such as Bad Guys that also have a good review from netizen. Norigae, The Flu, The five also recomended to watch. all is awesome but Ma Dong Seok has a lil role there. to the future, i hope Mr. Ma get another main role in his film, also in the drama. i will watch them certainly. Ma ahjussi, hwaiting!!

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  1. I dont know who is Ma Dong Seok XD but it seems tht he is such a great actor ^^ I never notice him on every drama or K movies that I watch. hehe
    thanks for sharing ^^

    Tori Chu

    1. try to watch them and you'll never be disappointed :D Mr. Ma seldom appear in drama. the latest drama i've watched was Bad Guys, it's about criminal but have an awesome plot

  2. Cute post and nice films♥♥

  3. Sounds lovely film specially the last one, will look for it!



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