11 Sep 2015

things to need to be prepared to apply for a job

hola, assalamualaikum!

long time no see, pals! i lost my internet connection a few days ago, because of that, some post is already too stale to be posted. especially, my experience became a photographer for a cultural event to celebrate the independence day. but, i tried my best to figure it from another perspective, so i could still to share all my photos at that event for all of you, guys. just wait! hehe

while waiting curated my photos, today I want to share about what needs to be prepared when applying for a job. almost every job vacancy ask for that (in Indonesia). so for you who a job seeker just like me or you, a foreigner who want to work in Indonesia, i hope this article is a little help.

1. application letter
it's a very basic. just like looking for a new friend/pen pal via post/mail, or looking for a new friend via social media, you need to introduce yourself well via application letter. do not need to be long-winded, you just need to write your name, age, place and date of birth, your latest education, address and your contact number.you also must write job position you want, your skill, your file attachments and lilbit about your personality on your application letter. write with as sincerely as possible, but remember! don't be long-winded.

2. CV
aah, i love this part! i love making a CV (Curriculum vitae) as beautiful as i can. i don't want my CV became flat and not attractive, because recruiters usually like something new. a flat, black and white on HVS CV is something sooo boring and ordinary for them. so if you can play with corel or photoshop, make with it! mine, make with photoscape because i can't play with both of them, photoshop and corel. but, the result is quite good compared with they who make CV with Ms. Word. second point is printed with matte paper or paper with enough thick like drawing book or cover paper. don't just printed with HVS! if you play with color, thick paper will sharpened your colorful CV. thick paper like matte paper also not crumpled easily, so your CV will always clean. i will write about how i make my CV on my previous post, just wait! :)

my very first CV

3. copies of your diploma and transcripts
it's a must! two of them is your transaction tool to get your job in your dream company. if you're a cumlauder, you're very lucky! but, if you're just an average bachelor like me, you have to all out struggle to get a job. one of them by highlighting the non-academic. quick tips: copies as many as posibble, so you don't need to back and fourth to your campus just to legalized them.

4. copies of your identy
if your CV is not talk enough about your personal identity like address, age or identity numbers, you have to copy them as a must requirement. i don't really know this part's function but every job vacancy always write down enclose copy of identity card as one of their requirement

5. Photo identity
many of people submit photos of their identity with not wise. they take photos with low pixel camera, and then photoshop-ing the background with blue or red. so messy and unprofessional. please, don't do that if you are not a pro on photoshop-ing! I was very frightening when this section. because, i often read recruiters always look for the applicant who look clean, neat and appealing. for my identity photos, I got to spend a lot of time to dress up to look fresh. i watched Youtube for identity photo's makeup, find out recomended photo's studio and choose the best outfit i have. i called it professionalism.

6. copies of skill sertificates
it's a must for an average bachelor like me. because, they can be your savior if you interviewed by HRD Staff on recruitment process. at least, you have something to tell to them that you have something different from they who a cumlauder. at least, you are pro on other field, although you don't have a good grades. from skill sertificates, volunteering sertivicate and its kind, company will see you as an active person. all your got from go in course, volunteering or workshop, at least you have something that is already ready even though only slightly. company like person who are ready to work!

so, are you a fresh graduate? already prepared everything? if not, you should immediately complete your files. Who knew there was a job fair soon or suddenly companies that you seek're hiring, you will be the one who is ready to fight while others are still preparing everything. good luck, people! :)

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  1. good luck ^^ smg dpt job sesuai keinginanmu yah ^^


  2. Woah. This is a lot of help, tho I am still so far from getting a job soon, but still this gave me a hint as to what I should look forward to.

    Lou | wander-soul.net

  3. Good luck finding a job and thanks for the advice!


  4. Aww aku suka bagian cv nya.. Baru tau ternyata cv bisa dibikin sekreatif kita mau

  5. waaah anak komunikasi???

  6. Cv nya bagus mbak, simple ya, nggak ngabisin kertas :)


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