25 Mei 2015

relationship goals: vol.1


I know, i’m single. I’m not enough experience about how good relationship are. But, look back from my latest relationship that not end well, i inspirated to make this post. As a three years single fighter a.k.a JOMBLO, sometimes i imagine how a good relationship that will make me a better person soon. Watch romantic drama that have so many romantic scene, i often touched and mumbling, “i want my relationship like this! Like this!” so then, when looking lovely couple, lovely husband and wife relationship, grandparent who still intimate even they was so old, i feel envy. Lol.

21 Mei 2015

beauty: Born with Sensitive Skin


This is a kind of confession of sin post for what i have done with my own skin. First, i like to tell that i have a very very sensitive skin. My skin easily flushed, especialy my face, when overheated. Since high school, my mom always tell me not to wear any makeup because she was already aware if her daughter has sensitive skin. But, i don’t hear her. I start using makeup because all girl friend on my high school wear them. So i also interest to try them one. First, i try use compact powder and eyeliner. And then facial foam. I never use just one. I like to try any of facial foam including man facial foam. Hehe, i know i was wrong. Because the habit of flipping makeup, my face started to breakouts.

18 Mei 2015

how to wear: white shirt and long vest


Today, we gonna talk about how to wear plain white shirt with long vest. Two items that currently i adore, where plain white shirt not seem ordinary with combine of the geeky and boyish look from long vest. Long vest bring so many benefit, especially for hijabist like me. Why? Because they capable to cover all my body (my boobs and my back). because when we wear plain white shirt, that two part of my body would see through. Long vest also be an alternative to wear with plain white shirt and substitute t-shirt or tank top that usually i wear to cover the see through effect and often make me swelter when weather is sooo hot. You know, i’m livin in the tropical countries, so i need some clothes that comfortable to wear. Plain white t-shirt is an answer. Because all of you know white is a color that absorb sweat faster than any other color. but, white color also often manifest in our bra if the fabric not thick enough.
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