7 Nov 2015

♡ Changing Style is A Part of My Hijrah ♡


on the look:
unbranded scarf
online shop dress 

I'm back with changing style! of course in a good way. nowaday, i browse a lot about Mori Kei. Mori Kei means forest girl in Japan. A girl who like Mori Kei wear loose fitting dresses, warm colors and lilbit grandma style. i think this style is fit me best, considering i decided to wear hijab in a proper way. My hijab is now full covering my neck and back. I also like wearing warm clothes like sweater, cardigans and knit vest. all about knit, lace and fur also be my biggest temptation. i hope my changing style will inspire you to wear long hijab too. don't be afraid! you will still look fabulous with your long hijab, Insha Allah! just create what you want to wear, but still in accordance with the teaching of Qur'an.
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