29 Mar 2016

East Java Travel Diary 2016 | Chocolate Farm and Arc de Triomphe Kw Super

halo, Assalamualaikum! last friday, my family and i went traveling to some areas in East Java. we went to Chocolate garden and Intersection monument that very similar to Arch de Triomphe in Paris. such a very fun holiday, considering we lived far away from another family who all settled in East Java. 

i was little disappointed because i expects will see the wide chocolate garden, see the people are harvesting and processing chocolate on it. but in facts, i have seen only a huge chocolate shop with cafetaria surrounded by chocolate trees.no industrial activity there.

fortunately, the chocolate that they are production did not so bad! i tasted everything and it's nice! i came to buy a lot of chocolate to take home. dark 67% chocolate and chocolate crispy are my favorite! i will review both of them in March Favorite on my Youtube channel. so, stay tune!

last, we stopped by the intersection Monument in Kediri. the building is very similar to Arch de Triomphe in Paris. inside the building itself there is an exhibition space at the time was featuring works by students of a college. but there is nothing we can do there except taking photos :( .

it's short but fun holiday at all. i love travelling with the whole family. i hope there is another opportunity for us to go on vacation and makes a lot of happy moment. where are you usually spend time off with your family, guys? 

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