11 Apr 2016


i have been uploaded new video about positivity. positivity is our provision to happiness. but not everyone is aware about it. so, im keen to share how i always positive. i don't want hypocritical to say that i never think positive. but once again, positivity occurs because of habit. let's learn to be better along with always think positive!

4 Apr 2016

March Favourites 2016

Halo, guys! Assalamualaikum! we're getting into early April. it's time to collect favourite items that i wore/used in March. most of them are souvenirs when i visited chocolate garden not long ago. i've uploaded review on my Youtube channel. feel free to visit!

 i know, i consume too much chocolate on my return from holiday. consequently, my face is in a bad condition. acnes everywhere! and i regret being so greedy. :(

but, hey! maybe i'm not the only one who would be greedy when saw a lot of chocolate. LOL. they are not only tasty but also photogenic. when i'm filming them, suddently it turn became a little photoshoot session. they're good with everything! 

because in my Youtube im not so clearly explained one by one of them, here i will make the list and the price

i've reviewed this product not long ago. and i totally impressed. i'm still wearing till now. some drawbacks are not intrusive at all. i bought this product on local department store at my town called Luwes for only IDR 15.000

this is my 2016's first journal. it's been a long time i did not write a journal. when i see this journal, i don't hesitate to buy it and start my old habit again. this journal i bought in the same department store for IDR 30.000

i totally love my new camera! i don't regret selling my old camera for the sake of buying this camera! i can do video with high quality even with photos. it has so many features to try like food, landscape, indoor, panorama, sport etc. and the price is still quite affordable. i bought it for IDR 4.000.000, cheaper than my dreamy camera, Fujifilm X-series.

i know, cocoa powder is not something special because you could easily find it in some stores. but, i still love it. i love the strong smell of this cocoa powder. my favourite is mixing them with milk and a lot of ice cubes. i bought it for IDR 8.000

you will know i love it the most from the photos below. most of them are chocolate. hehe...i won't tell much about them here because i've told a lot on my youtube. go check them if you curious. it has different price in every shape. from IDR 19.000 till IDR 100.000, depending on the weight.

yes, i addicted this social media by now. it's more effective to gather more people than blog. and you will feel proximity because they who on the Youtube such as if they're talking with you. because of that i make my own channel. i feel excited whenever it was time to filming. can i call it passion?

so, it's all my favorite stuff in this March. not much, rite? because i rarely bought something new if i don't really need it. how about you, guys? what's your favourites last month? i would like to try it too if it recommended by you! :)

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