29 Mar 2016

East Java Travel Diary 2016 | Chocolate Farm and Arc de Triomphe Kw Super

halo, Assalamualaikum! last friday, my family and i went traveling to some areas in East Java. we went to Chocolate garden and Intersection monument that very similar to Arch de Triomphe in Paris. such a very fun holiday, considering we lived far away from another family who all settled in East Java. 

i was little disappointed because i expects will see the wide chocolate garden, see the people are harvesting and processing chocolate on it. but in facts, i have seen only a huge chocolate shop with cafetaria surrounded by chocolate trees.no industrial activity there.

fortunately, the chocolate that they are production did not so bad! i tasted everything and it's nice! i came to buy a lot of chocolate to take home. dark 67% chocolate and chocolate crispy are my favorite! i will review both of them in March Favorite on my Youtube channel. so, stay tune!

last, we stopped by the intersection Monument in Kediri. the building is very similar to Arch de Triomphe in Paris. inside the building itself there is an exhibition space at the time was featuring works by students of a college. but there is nothing we can do there except taking photos :( .

it's short but fun holiday at all. i love travelling with the whole family. i hope there is another opportunity for us to go on vacation and makes a lot of happy moment. where are you usually spend time off with your family, guys? 

23 Mar 2016

50 facts about me

assalamualaikum, guys! recently, i love to read and watch people did 50 facts about me tag on Youtube or blog. today, i wanna do that too. just for fun! and therefore we can loving more from knowing each other, right? who's know? so, let's start it!

1. i'm 150 cm height, and 45kg weight. i'm not propotional. tehee
2. i'm also have special feet. my size is just 35/36 or 3/5. it requires me to buy shoes in the kids size racks!
3. i'm dreaming a lot about life and live in Japan and South Korea.
4. my passion is writing. i love write everything because i don't talk much.
5. i'm not consistent. i want to do this and that
6. my very first Korean drama is Full House, and my very first J-Dorama is 1 litre of tears. i also grown up with Doraemon and Conan since elementary school till now.
7 i'm a collector. i collect everything. even, i still collect my diary from primary school, i still have book and comic from primary school too, i collect my mom things when she was young, i collect plastic bag, my paper test and old camera
8. i also collect my bunny's fur after they're grooming
9. i like hanging out with freak people and minority. i learn a lot from their life.
10. i don't like go to concert, but i love spending my time in Japan festival.
11. i have big interest in social media.
12. i often feel anxious.
13. i have not much friend.
14. i have high pitched voice. some people tell i'm faking my voice so thats sound cute.
15. tragic story is my favorite meals. also, villain. i'm prefer in love with the antagonist than the protagonist.
16. it's sound naive, but i believe, everybody is kind, basically. they just don't show it.
17. i have sensitive skin. i have to be carefull when choosing product for my skin.
18. i have an alergy on mushroom.
19. i'm trying so hard to always positive.
20. i don't like people who complain a lot and speak rudely.
21. i know which one is fake, which one is pure.
22. i'm awkward in a new place.
23. i prefer go to quite forest than luxury place.
24. Islam has always amazed me!
25. i'm not going out with boy, after my last relationship.
26. my mom is my best partner. i have love-hate relationship with her. maybe because we have the same zodiac. we were born in the same month.
27. i was a victim of bullying during elementary school, junior and  seniorhigh school. the reason i have not much friend.
28. but, thanks to God! He send me the best ones at the end.
29. i'm suck at cooking.
30. i cry every time i saw Ka'ba.
31. actually, i've been writing blog since Senior high school, but i deleted everything.
32. people tell me to be this and that, but i always being me. idealist?
33. i can't draw.
34. i'm a complicated person. i have a dark side even my family don't recognize it. but, one of my bestfriend, Ko Lie, know it. whereas i never showed him.
35. i'm not update about music. haha. i just have a few of songs in my music player.
36. i eat a lot.
37. i'm aquaphobia. i can't swim and i'm afraid adjacent to sea or river.
38. i never eat Burger's King and Wendy's and Nutella lol
39. i wore hijab since 2010.
40. when i'm alone, i can hear my mind buzy talking.
41. Kitkat is the best snack!
42. matcha is my favorite flavor.
43. i'm enjoying creative process and also creative result.
44. i'm a motivator/quote freak!
45. lipsticks and cute things are my biggest temptation.
46. i love saving my money. i manage my money such a way for my future. i'm not a spender.
47. i don't like talking about the past.
48. minimalist is my goal. i love everything neatly, but actually i'm a messy person. hehe
49. visual first.
50. i envy with how dewy and healthy Korean and Japanese's face are.

haha... i found it difficult to gather facts about myself. i'm happy to let myself flow, be anything i want. but, it's fun! next time, i will do it on my Youtube channel. or part two? oh, come on, guys! i love doing this! you should do it too on your blog! leave your link about "50 facts about me" below, so i can read yours! see you next time!

18 Mar 2016

product review: Red-A Eyeshadow C Series

Halo, Assalamualaikum! how are you dearest friends? hope you have a great day! and, oh, it's weekend! happy weekend for who those celebrate. mine? just lying in the bed after all the hectic week with several affairs. alhamdulillah. i'm also back after a long gap because of that issues. how i missed you! feel so good to be back! today, i am reviewing a local makeup brand that recently i used. it called Red-A C Series Eyeshadow.

i'm lilbit late to know this product. i read so many beauty bloggers in Indonesia have reviewed this amazing and affordable product for about 2-3 years ago. maybe, it's because i recently made an interest in makeup and looking for an affordable ones because i'm stil newbie. it would be redundant if i buy the expensive ones but i have not been able to use it. thanks God, i found this product!

i know this product from 200k make up challenge tag on youtube. this little guy price is only IDR 15.000 or around 1,5 dollar in USD. the quantity is 2 x 2,3 g. they have two color per series.

and this is the ingredients! i don't actually know what the used per ingredient because i'm still a new comer in this industry, so i just capture it, so you guys can also know what inside this product. look at the right bottom! it has certificate halal from MUI. so you who are a muslim, just like me, don't have to worry. this product is absolutely SAVE!

Red-A eyeshadow color series is also the top teenager brand in 2011. yeah, i often hear Indonesian teen very close with this brand. because what? it's affordable and easy to find in every drugstore.

the packaging is quite average. wrapped in white plastick container and have a small mirror in it. very useful when used out home.

as i said before, Red-A eyeshadow have two color per series. i choose the save color which is two kind of brown color. the bright in the left and dark brown in the right. they also have another color such as pink, blue and silver on another series. 

the pigmentation is also fine! you can see it on my hand. it's perfect to use everyday light makeup. if you love Korean style makeup, this product can be use because the brown color is totally the same with typical brown in Korean style makeup. win win?

but, with the price, it also have a lot of no-no to show. first, look at the brush! ewh! with this kind of brush, you will ruin your eye makeup look. throw away in your trash! use your own brush...or finger! it's even better. the eyeshadow is also too powdery. i often smth when i wear them. the shimmer will also go down on your cheek after a few hours. 

but, yeah! it's an amazing experience using an affordable makeup to my very first look yesterday when i went to did job interview. i feel more fresh than before i don't wear makeup. with just one product, i can do eye makeup, brows even shading. this product is totally help me a lot!

would i repurchase? yes, for sure! i would buy another shade too. i'm totally impressed with the result.

as a bonus, there are the final result of Red-A eyeshadow on total look! pardon my messy makeup! you know i'm a beginner.

i'm wearing:
Larissa powder
Red-A eyeshadow C series
Maybelline gel liner
NYX Xtreme lip cream in Absolute Red
Rainbow Pinwheel Pointer